Gps Bracelet Alzheimer&#39

Gps bracelet alzheimer

Tracking your vehicle, pet, child, fleet, assets and more, from the author of GPS Mapping. Aging-in-place technology provider, Adiant Solutions, has released a new GPS safety and tracking bracelet aimed at families of children with autism as well as people. A reliable GPS tracking bracelet is now available to assist with the care of those with Alzheimer's. If you know a loved one who is an Alzheimer Patient you want to make sure they are safe at home or anywhere.

Medical Intelligence, a Canadian company, has developed a bracelet designed to help Alzheimer's patients by notifying family members or other people if the. Adiant Solutions offers for you and your family a way to achieve peace of mind. Using a gps locator bracelet or other GPS tracking device. Our S-911 GPS bracelet will ensure that your loved one's safety is ensured at all times. The GPS technology in these bracelets allows you to track your loved one if they aren't where they are supposed to be.
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